About Rodney W. Moore
Rep. Rodney Moore is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina. He presently serves as the Representative for the Ninety Ninth District in the North Carolina General Assembly. He sits on the House Appropriations Committee and serves on the subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources. His other committee assignments include House Banking, Transportation, Government, and Commerce and Job Development. He also served on the House Select Committee for Homeowner Associations, Public Private Partnerships, and the House Unemployment Fraud Task Force.
Rep. Moore has a distinguished record of community service. He is Past Vice Chairman of the Charlotte Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, serving from 2006-2010. During his tenure he served as Chair of the Client Relations subcommittee and was Chair of the Real Estate Development committee. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Urban League of Central Carolinas, and is a Life member of the NAACP. He is also a Past participant in the FBI Citizens Academy, and a 2005 Fellow of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership.
In his political endeavors, Rep. Rodney Moore is a member of the State Executive Committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party. He is a former Precinct Chair of Precinct 129 and Precinct 149. He is a former representative for the Eighth Congressional District on the State Platforms and Resolutions Committee for the NC Democratic Party. He is presently a member of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus, and the NC Black Leadership Caucus.
Rep. Moore is Managing Partner of Providence-Moore Realty Co., a full service real estate brokerage firm based in Charlotte, NC. He is also President of Connections Unlimited, a registered non-profit corporation. He is a former member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. He is a consistent advocate for small and minority business concerns, sponsoring several informational sessions on access to capital and business succession planning.
Rep. Moore is passionate about issues that affect small and minority business, homeowner’s rights, the rights of seniors, fair access to affordable health solutions for all North Carolinians, and the ever ending issue of providing a quality superlative 21 Century educational options for all citizens of North Carolina, one that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math. He believes that education and economic development go hand in hand in keeping the State of North Carolina one of the most attractive sites for new and emerging businesses in the country. He will continue to fight for these and other pertinent issues as a Member of the North Carolina General Assembly.
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